Mark Hoppus on Twitter
Mark: tom is listening to that train song "hey soul sister" very loud in his dressing room right now. please advise.
Mark: shit. he just rewound that train song and played it again. time for another indefinite hiatus. :(
Sorry guys.

I’d just like to apologize that my Facebook wall, Twitter feed, Tumblr feed, and are all overflowing with Up All Night. The last time I was this excited about music was… never. Nothing’s even come close to this. This is a huge deal to me. I never thought blink would ever truly get back together and record new music. Hearing Mark and Tom on the same track after all these years is still so unreal to me. Have fun at Harry Potter; I’m staying up all night listening to Up All Night.

Yellowcard Chat
Sean O'Donnell: @williamryankey what do you think? I think it's pretty badass.
Ryan Key: @SeanTODonnell I only heard a swirly YouTube version. I need another listen, but I know I will love it. So Boxcar.
Sean O'Donnell: @williamryankey the fact that you knew what I was talking about without me saying it is concrete proof that we are buds.