Hoy, Small Fry! EP


Track 2. So good.

I also like how any music thing any of us do always has an exclamation mark

Well that makes me happy.

And yes, Rock Against Prom tickets. The show ruled hard.

Download my new EP!!!

Click Here to Download “Hoy, Small Fry! - EP”

Here it is!! My acoustic EP, “Hoy, Small Fry!” I picked my three favorite songs that I’ve written and recorded them to put out to you guys before I leave for Peru. I am very excited about this, though I’m sad that I didn’t have time to polish it more than I did, or put more songs on it. I was in a huge rush. This is the last music I will be releasing for over two years, and I only have a couple days before I cut off all communication with you guys, so I would really love to hear what you think asap!!
I hope you enjoy it. This is my best work.